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March 1 - 3, 2016

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Q MackAs comfortable holding a basketball as he is a microphone, Q-Mack’s freestyle basketball skills, larger-than-life personality, and commanding stage presence will motivate and inspire.

Hailing from Brantford, Ontario, Q-Mack’s interest in basketball started
at a young age. After joining his high school basketball team, Q-Mack realized his true passion for the sport. His professional career in basketball began after entering the Nike Hoop it Up contest in 1998. From there, he soon found himself signed with Nike, performing in front of audiences around the world.

Now, as a true entertainment superstar, Q-Mack’s verbal agility and story of success has inspired millions to work hard, learn new skills, and unlock their true potential. He has personally hosted events for NBA superstars LeBron James, Steve Nash, Clyde Drexler, and Vince Carter. He is currently producing a new star-studded live stage show to commemorate the 125th birthday of basketball, and is the lead host of the coast-to-cost NBA All- Star Tour.

Using his verbal agility and basketball expertise, Q-Mack puts on a show for all. Whether he’s juggling, playing basketball, or balancing a 16-foot ladder on his chin, Q guarantees an entertaining, inspiring, and exciting time.


Ryan FordRYAN “The Real Deal” FORD

Born and raised in Edmonton, Ryan Ford is a professional boxer and former Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) ghter. His story, from his roots on the streets of Edmonton to his successes as an MMA ghter and boxer, is a true display of how determination and dedication can help individuals to overcome adversity.

First ghting professionally in 2007, Ford’s strength, grit, and resiliency have allowed him to win a record 22 wins, with only 5 losses in his MMA career. Through this success, he was given the nickname “The Real Deal,” in recognition of his no-nonsense, spirited style.

Now, as an extremely popular professional ghter, Ryan has trained in world-class facilities across the country with some of the world’s best boxing and MMA coaches. The opportunities and successes he’s faced have been hard-earned, but he now holds a number of signi cant titles, including the World Series of Fighting Canadian Welterweight Title, Aggression Fighting Championship Welterweight Title, as well as the Fight Club World and Canadian Welterweight Title.

Outside of the ring, Ryan is a dedicated family man, spending as much time as possible with his two children.


warren1colourWARREN FRALEIGH

With over 30 years of experience in the unionized construction and maintenance industry, Warren Fraleigh has holds qualifications in both the boilermaker and welder trades. He believes that organized labour brings a great value to society.

Appointed in April of 2013 as the Executive Director for the Building Trades of Alberta (BTA), Warren promotes and coordinates the interests of over 75,000 BTA members belonging to 16 trade unions. Before accepting his position with the BTA, Warren held the position of business manager – secretary treasurer for the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Local 146.

Warren is an advocate for advancing the interests of the unionized construction and maintenance industries, and has worked extensively in the areas of training, education, and apprenticeship. His passion for ongoing personal development is evident – he holds a Masters Degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University, and is a true champion for lifelong learning in the trades.



Thalia Nelder is a Red Seal Journeyman Welder. Born in Slave Lake, Alberta, she grew up in Bonnyville, Alberta, and currently calls Edmonton home.

Thalia comes from a long line of proud Métis people, with her Métis lineage dating back to the early 1800s. Descendants of Cree and French heritage, Thalia’s deceased great grandparents served the Aboriginal community as healers and cultural advisers. Today, her great uncle continues to serve as an Elder to Métis and First Nation peoples.

While in high school, Thalia was exposed to a variety of trade careers. Upon graduating she decided to pursue welding. In 2011 she started her apprenticeship and, in 2015, attained her Journeyman’s certificate to become a Red Seal Welder.

Thalia attributes her success to the dedicated assistance of Mike Derange, the owner of Derantech Welding. Thalia and Mike met by chance while volunteering at the 2014 “Pathways – Gathering our Nation’s Youth in Trades National Conference.” Mike saw promise and hired her as an apprentice. This opportunity gave Thalia the experience she needed to fulfill her career goal of working as a certified welder. Dedicated to learning all she can, she is currently apprenticing as a steamfitter and pipefitter.



From a young age, Shane Chartrand was taught by his parents to understand and respect what hunting and food represent.

In order to train for his culinary dreams, Shane moved from the rural acreage where he grew up, into an urban environment. There, he worked with award-winning chefs and trained in some of the best restaurants he could find, furthering his culinary skills.

After years of honing his culinary expertise, Shane is now a well-recognized and celebrated chef in the Edmonton community. He brings his background into every menu he creates, striving to introduce aboriginal food to the marketplace through what he calls “progressive Canadian Indigenous” cuisine.

Shane is also dedicated to supporting the greater community by participating in events for such charities as Kids with Cancer, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and CNIB.  Shane has taught cooking classes to aboriginal youth, remembering that success is not just dependent upon credentials and experience, but also how much one has to offer back to the community.



Stephanie Harpe started her journey into the arts in Fort McMurray when her music teacher first recognized her talent. At age 15 she moved to Edmonton and was discovered by Canadian music icon Jeff Healey.

She has since released a number of albums and opened for Dwight Yoakam and Blue Rodeo, among others. Most recently she performed at the Indspire Awards and will be at the Esqauo Awards with Cindy Blackstock. Stephanie is also an accomplished actress, having worked on Blackstone, Fantasies of Flying, and A Raven’s Song. When she isn’t performing, Stephanie is a casting agent with ShapeShifters Talent for locally-filmed Hollywood productions like Hell on Wheels and Cut Bank.

Several years ago Stephanie came face-to-face with tragedy when her mother and friends were murdered. Since this time she has used her platform to advocate for these women through speeches and song. Her story has been featured on the cover of Metro Newspaper and she was a featured speaker at the Spirit of Our Sisters Gathering and at recent REDx Talks.